Everything’s Almost Up to Date in Kansas City

June 28, 2010 at 5:06 am Leave a comment

 While Bruce and I are waiting not so patiently for our app to go live on iTunes – ANY DAY NOW FOLKS AT APPLE! – we’re moving ahead getting a few other things in our professional portfolio updated. That’s spin talk for trying to keep up with the too quickly evolving technology that has almost become a make or break in our business.

Bruce and I met while working in television, specifically WOC TV in Davenport Iowa. He was the guy behind the camera and I was the sweet young thing running around in high heels and make-up chasing ambulances, city council members and other seemingly important things of local news.

Obviously THAT’s been a long time ago.

  So, I put on a little make-up and a big floppy hat for our latest endeavor – we shot a video.  And we posted it in YouTube!!!   Although Bruce is still behind the camera on a regular basis – most specifically this summer at the KC Royals – it’s been a long time since I did what they call “a stand-up.”

  Fortunately, I was sitting on a lounge chair on a beach in Belize -thus the need for the big floppy hat because my hair just does the wild child thing in the Caribbean.  I was glad I was seated because it took a number of takes to get this right.

  We’re not quite sure what we’re going to do with this sort of thing, but the plan is to use it as an introduction to editors, demonstrate the variety of our skills, I don’t know. But it’s now posted on the “about Bruce and Diana” page here, and we’re putting a link on our website, which is also very badly outdated.

  But we’re working on that.  Everythingthing’s almost up to date in Kansas City.

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